Natural Loofah

Natural Loofah

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Natural Loofah (Luffa acutangula) grows in tropical to sub-tropical climates.  It's a vine like plant similar to a cucumber plant.  When left to mature on the vine, the fruit dries and when the skin is peeled away what's left is a fibrous loofah that is fabulous for gentle exfoliation and stimulation of your skin.

  • 6 inch size
  • Gently exfoliates
  • All Natural, Bio-Degradable Vegetable
  • Wash once a week as you would with bathroom linens to avoid mildew. 
  • Grown in USA 

    Good Day Sunshine Essential Oils are top of the line, theraputic-grade essential oils made from the flowers, leaves, roots and stems of the plants.  We strive to bring you the highest quality oils at the lowest possible prices.  

    This is our own line of essential oils sourced from reputable distillers.  

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