XSmall Himalayan Salt Lamp (3-5 pounds) Assorted Organic Shapes

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When warmed with a small bulb, these natural pieces of Himalayan Pink Salt give off a soothing pink light, and mimic the ozone at the ocean or waterfall.  Great addition to any décor.   Authentic Himalayan Salt mined from deep in the Himalayan Mountains.  

This listing is for assorted natural chunk lamps.  Each is unique and will vary from photos in color, stripe and light.

Himalayan salt is known for it's many health and emotional benefits.  The lamp works by emitting negative ions which allows dust and pollen to settle out of the air.  

  • XSmall size is 3-5 pounds. 
  • Each lamp is unique, and will differ from the ones pictured.  Some are a little more pink, some a little more clear or white, some have lots of dark pink striations, others are pretty solid in appearance.  
  • Includes UL listed cord with on/off switch
  • Includes 15W bulb
  • Ships USPS Priority Mail to US addresses.  Arrives in 7-10 days.

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