Our Scent Lineup

Here's our current scent lineup!  Every year we whittle it down and add in some new goodies, while still keeping your favorites.

Amore - Sultry sandalwood & vanilla lingers under sweet black currants, mouth-watering jasmine and tangy bergamot

Absinthe - Sweet herbal star anise.
Blackberry Sage – Tart blackberries blended with herbal sage
Caribbean - Coconut and Lime
Carolina Sweetgrass – Green and fresh. 
Chill Pill - Exhilarating mint blend with spearmint peppermint and eucalyptus
Coco Beach – Blissful blend of coconut and vanilla
Coffee Regular – Rich, dark coffee with double cream and sugar.
Cosmopolitan - Cranberry with sweet orange zest
Forest - Oakmoss and Amber - woody and sweet
Grapefruit & Mangosteen - Crisp citrus fruit with a sweet afterbite. Fresh and bright.
Harvest Pumpkin – Warm buttery apples with fresh pumpkin
Meditation - Lavender sandalwood blend
Nag Champa - Rich and earthy, with hints of powder, musk, amber, and vanilla.
Nefertiti - Sophisticated Vanilla Amber
Noel – holiday blend of pine, woodfire, and bayberry
Ocean – Summertime at the beach.
One Love – Bamboo and Lotus blossoms.
Ramblin’ Rose – Thick, true wild roses. Heavy floral.
Soleil – Ginger Root and Lime blend. 
SPA – Lemongrass and Patchouli essential oil blend.
Sunshine – orange, tangerine, pineapple, and coconut

Tangouli - Tangerine and Patchouli
Utopia – Sweet Peonies. Light feminine floral