Essential Oil Roll On Blends

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Aromatherapy blends of essential oils in a base of organic jojoba oil. Great for in your pocket or purse for a quick pick-me-up wherever you are.
Choose from 7 blends:

SLEEP - lavender and frankincense blend
AWAKE - citus and eucalyptus blend
FOCUS - sweet orange and peppermint blend
GROUNDED - lavender and patchouli blend
TUMMY - peppermint and ginger blend
HEADACHE - frankincense and peppermint blend
IMMUNITY - clove and citrus blend with all of the essentials

Made with the highest quality therapeutic-grade pure essential oils and organic jojoba oil.
Most essential oils should not be applied neat (straight out of the bottle) onto skin. We have used organic golden jojoba oil for a base to dilute the essential oils and make them skin-safe. We chose jojoba oil because it's a liquid wax, not an oil. This viscosity allows the aromatherapy oils to float above the skin, and release their fragrance for longer enjoyment.

  • 10ml blended aromatherapy oil.
  • organic jojoba makes it long lasting when applied to skin.
  • apply to temples or pulse points to release scent
  • packaged in a recycled kraft box.
  • amber glass bottle with stainless steel roll on and plastic lid.

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